cager79 (cager79) wrote,

Hopes for Cataclysm

Bored at work and have a head full of WoW thoughts, so I figured I would share some of the things I would like to see done different in Cataclysm.

Sorry if this posts twice, it didnt show up on my first try

The changes I would like to see most have to do with gear. One of the things I dislike most about WotLK are the quest rewards. The vast majority of the normal quest rewards are utterly useless because of their bizarre itemization. I understand they didnt want a repeat of BC where epic raid pieces were replaced by the first pieces awarded in Hellfire, but they should still be upgrades to normal pieces from the previous area. Not everyone hitting the beaches in Northrend is decked out in raid gear, especially players that were not 70 when Wrath hit.

I am working on my third 80, and other than dungeon quests and the arena in Zul Drak there are really no quests I make sure I do because of the rewards, whereas in Outlands there are several in each area I make sure to do because they award nice gear.

My other big gripe is with Triumph gear/Tier 9. FFS they are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars and all they can come up with to make them look different is changing the colors?? I would say the T9 is akin to the Dungeon sets in BC, and they had unique graphics for all those sets. I am discouraged from leveling my Hunter and DK because they are just going to end up looking like clones of my Shaman and Pally, and its a shame its due to Blizzard's laziness.

Anyway, I think that's it. Hard to be sure since I had to keep stopping and starting. Would like to hear your thoughts.

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